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Upgraded to Linux 6.9
By mozes@slackware on 25-Jun-2024

We've upgraded to Linux 6.9! For the first time in 13 years (since the release of Slackware 13.37), Slackware ARM is using an unmodified upstream kernel! The Raspberry Pi Kernel fork packages have also been updated.

The Slackware Installers have also been refreshed and the Install guides updated where appropriate.

If you appreciate what we're doing with Slackware Linux on ARM, please consider making a donation to support us. Your contribution helps maintain essential hardware, cover electricity costs, and keep this longstanding open-source project thriving. You'll find the ways you can help here

Thanks, Stuart (MoZes@slackware)

Vlog: S03E39 - David Cantrell on Slackware history, late 90s & early 2000s
By mozes@slackware on 05-Apr-2024

Episode S03E39 David Cantrell worked in the Slackware core team between 1999-2001, created the Slackware logo, co-developed the web site, the Slackware Linux Essentials book, ported Slackware to the SPARC architecture, developed the first Slackware automatic update tool and introduced a number of other core packages into the distribution.

In this discussion, David delves into his journey of discovering Linux and his experience working for Slackware. He offers valuable insights into the early days of the Linux ecosystem, a time when the platform was gradually gaining recognition and acceptance in the tech community. Through his perspective, we gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that characterised this formative period in Linux's history.

Vlog: S03E38 - Slackware Raspberry Pi install over a vintage DEC VT320
By mozes@slackware on 13-Mar-2024

Episode S03E38

In this episode we install Slackware onto a Raspberry Pi4 using a vintage DEC VT320.

March 2024 : Slackware-current AArch64 Installation Images updated
By mozes@slackware on 11-Mar-2024

The Slackware Installer images have been refreshed with the latest package set, and the Install Guides updated. Enjoy!

Vlog: S03E36 - Pinebook Pro mainboard replacement & Slackware Install
By mozes@slackware on 02-Feb-2024

Episode S03E36

PINE64's gracious support led to the replacement of the main board in the Pinebook Pro utilised by the Slackware project. In this episode, we showcase the board replacement process and conduct a fresh installation of Slackware.

Slackware ARM celebrates its 22nd birthday, upgrades to Linux 6.6
By mozes@slackware on 16-Jan-2024

Slackware ARM celebrates its 22nd birthday on 20th January.

This milestone not only underlines the enduring legacy of Slackware ARM but also signifies its commitment to staying current and providing users with enhanced features and improvements. Cheers to two decades of excellence, and here's to another chapter of innovation and reliability in the Slackware ARM journey!

Vlog: S03E34 - HoneyComb LX2 assembly & Slackware Install
By mozes@slackware on 10-Jan-2024

Join us for a high level Honey Comb LX2 tour, hardware assembly & Slackware Installation.

Boot Loader Update: RockPro64 & Pinebook Pro - readying for Linux 6.6
By mozes@slackware on 04-Jan-2023

A Boot Loader update is available in the latest batch of Slackware AArch64-current (Wed Jan 03 08:08:09 UTC 2024). This update tackles the issue of the MMC (SD card) interface becoming inaccessible post a soft reboot, a problem identified during my extensive testing of Linux 6.6. Upon updating to this version of U-Boot, I've been unable to replicate the issue. Consequently, I strongly recommend this as a mandatory update to ready your system for Linux 6.6. The upgrade instructions for both Hardware Models can be

Linux 6.6 is currently undergoing testing here, and once it's demonstrated stability, I intend to roll it out within approximately a week.

Vlog: S03E33 - RockPro64: Hardwiring the fan @12v
By mozes@slackware on 19-Dec-2023

Due to the lack of reliable software control, we slice the RockPro64's CPU fan into the 12v power line. We also demonstrate how to wire at 3.3v & 5v.

If anyone is interested in experimenting with lm sensors and can establish reliable software control for the fan, please drop me a mail or post on the LQ forum.

Slackware Install: RockPro64
By mozes@slackware on 19-Dec-2023

In the latest vlog episode, I'm installing Slackware AArch64 onto a RockPro64, which will become my home gateway upon the release of Slackware 15.1.

Slackware-current AArch64 Installation Images updated
By mozes@slackware on 13-Dec-2023

The Slackware Installer images have been refreshed with the latest package set, and the Install Guides updated. Enjoy!

Note: This will be the final installer image based on Linux Kernel 6.1.

Vlog: S03E31 - Technical validation of HoneyComb LX2 firmware flashing tool within the Slackware Installer
By mozes@slackware on 01-Dec-2023

Join us as we finalise the technical validation of the HoneyComb LX2 firmware flashing tool within the Slackware Installer. We've fixed the bug found in the post installation phase already.

Next stage is for me to buy one and install it for myself!

Vlog: S03E30 - Paying off technical debt
By mozes@slackware on 25-Nov-2023

In the latest vlog episode, we discuss the project goals and remove some technical debt around the U-Boot Boot Loader configuration.

Vlog: S03E29 - Slackathon, HoneyComb LX2 flashing tool development
By mozes@slackware on 18-Nov-2023

We're on the home stretch! Join us as we finalise the firmware flashing tool for the HoneyComb LX2 Hardware Model support.

Vlog: S03E28 - Slackathon, HoneyComb LX2 integration
By mozes@slackware on 06-Nov-2023

In this episode, we continue development on the HoneyComb LX2 Hardware Model support.

Vlog: S03E27 - Hardware trouble with the Pinebook Pro
By mozes@slackware on 23-Oct-2023

Join us in this troubleshooting Vlog, where we look at a hardware fault that has appeared on our Pinebook Pro development machine.

Vlog: S03E26 - R&D - Slackware installation on the HoneyComb LX2
By mozes@slackware on 09-Oct-2023

Brent demonstrates where we are with the work-in-progress support for the HoneyComb LX2 Hardware Model.

Vlog: S03E25 - Reducing the OSInitRD footprint
By mozes@slackware on 17-Sep-2023

Watch as we reduce the generic OS InitRD footprint by 55MB, using the Pre-Boot Shell as a testing tool. This will increase the boot up speed and reduce the time taken to upgrade the Kernel package within the OS.

Slackware AArch64 Installation Images updated
By mozes@slackware on 09-Sep-2023

The Slackware Installer images have been refreshed with the latest package set, and the Install Guides updated. Enjoy!

Vlog: S03E24 - Pinebook Pro/RockPro64 - Boot Loader upgrade
By mozes@slackware on 30-Aug-2023

In this episode of the Slackware ARM Vlog, we look at the new tool to upgrade the Boot Loader.

Slackware 30th anniversary
By mozes@slackware on 16-Jul-2023

Today marks Slackware's 30th birthday. Read the message from the project creator, Patrick Volkerding.

Vlog: S03E23 - Raspberry Pi Kernel fork packages are available
By mozes@slackware on 14-Jul-2023

To improve stability of the Raspberry Pi support, we've released packages of the RPi Kernel fork.

Vlog: S03E21 - Slackathon June 2023 - HoneyComb LX2
By mozes@slackware on 01-Jul-2023

Join us as we begin merging in Brent's R&D Hardware Model support for HoneyComb LX2.

Vlog: S03E20 - Cloning the OS and data to new storage
By mozes@slackware on 14-Jun-2023

In this episode, one of the ARM machines has suffered bouts of instability with the storage, so we're cloning the OS and data to another drive and restoring the machine to service.

Testing Raspberry Pi Kernel fork packages
By mozes@slackware on 27-May-2023

To bridge the gap of bug fixes and feature disparity between the Raspberry Pi Kernel fork and the offical Linux Kernel, we've built Slackware Kernel packages from the RPi Kernel fork. They'll be available soon. Stay tuned.

Slackware AArch64 - Updating the Raspberry Pi's firmware
By mozes@slackware on 13-May-2023

We've published a firmware upgrade guide for the Raspberry Pi on Slackware AArch64.

Commemorating Slackware ARM v14.2 End of Life (EOL)
By mozes@slackware on 08-Apr-2023

Join us as we commemorate the EOL (End of Life) of Slackware ARM 14.2, and have a look at some of the other ARM hardware used in earlier releases of the ARM port. If you haven't already, check out the 64bit version of Slackware ARM (Slackware AArch64).

Slackware ARM v14.2 End of Life (EOL): March 2023
By mozes@slackware on 22-Dec-2022

After almost seven years, it's time to say goodbye to Slackware 14.2 on the ARM platform. Originally the plan was to keep it running until the build hardware died, but its Kernel is already long out of support, Slackware 15 has been out for a while, and it costs money to run the build machine.

This does not apply to Slackware x86/64.

Project running costs - call for funding
By mozes@slackware on 17-Oct-2022

It's finally time to call for donations to cover project running costs. As the price of electricity has soared all across Europe, running this project obviously costs me significantly more money than it ever has. I've already shut down all but one of the x86's that were part of the compile cluster, as those were the largest consumers but that's about all I can do. I've been tempted to shut down the stable release builder for Slackware ARM 14.2 but I don't think it consumes much power (and I don't want to lose the 242 days uptime to start measuring it ;-) ), and powering it down would effectively mark the EOL (End of Life) for that release, which I don't fancy doing just yet. If you're able to help contribute to the running costs, that'd be certainly appreciated!

There are two donation options available: Paypal and Patreon

Thanks! Stuart <mozes@slackware>

Building extra packages from source using
By mozes@slackware on 24-Aug-2022

Slackware ARM podcast : In season 3 episode 7 we show you how to add extra software to Slackware by building it from source using the repo.

Enjoy! Stuart <mozes@slackware>

Slackware AArch64 (ARM64) released into the wild
By mozes@slackware on 29-Mar-2022

Slackware AArch64/ARM64 has been released into the wild, initially supporting the RockPro64, Pinebook Pro and Raspberry Pi 4 (and RPi3 as I've been reliably informed!). Further support can be enabled by the community by reading the Direct integration documentation that I will finish in the next few weeks. Some areas of hardware support - particularly on the RPi4 - aren't as mature as I'd like, but this is contingent upon upstream support, and I expect the wrinkles will be ironed out at some point. However, everything's been working well here so I'm pleased to be able to finally put it out there.

Thanks to the supporters for being able to make this happen.

Questions, feedback - head over to the Slackware ARM forum

Enjoy! Stuart <mozes@slackware>

Slackware 15.0 ARM 32bit is released!
By mozes@slackware on 09-Feb-2022

Slackware ARM 15.0 is the 3rd official port of Slackware to the ARM architecture, which I began in July 2016. The baseline architecture target is ARMv7-a, boosting performance by offloading floating point operations into the hardware. For this reason you should read the upgrade notes to ensure that your Hardware Model is compatible with this new architecture.

Slackware ARM 32bit has received the benefit of a huge amount of work over the last year on the AArch64/ARM64 port: I've rewritten the Kernel module loader, added a debug shell into it to help onboard new Hardware Models, there's a new tool to manage the OS InitRD to manage and maintain customisations seamlessly across Kernel package upgrades; improvements within the Installer, lots of bug fixes and improvements throughout the entire OS.

This project is made possible entirely through your support. Last year saw a vast amount of my 10-15 year old infrastructure hardware - an admixture of donated and recycled disks, servers, network equipment etc. die in quick succession; and with your support I was able to replace the components and add a couple of UPSs to get the project up and running again. So if you like what we're doing here, visit the sponsorship page. As always, the continued development of the ARM port of Slackware is dependent upon Patrick Volkerding's Slackware, so please donate to that first as that's his income source. You'll find the details for that at the URL above.

Thanks also to the core Slackware crew and the Slackware community for all of the improvements, suggestions, bug fixes which make their way into the ARM port!

The release also wraps up Season 2 of the Slackware ARM podcast.

Enjoy! Stuart <mozes@slackware>

S02E23 - Slackathon: Slackware Installer on the Raspberry Pi4
By mozes@slackware on 07-Jan-2022

In the latest episode we continue hacking on the Slackware Installer support for the Raspberry Pi4, and talk about the rationale behind why we've migrated to filesystem labeling by default.

Enjoy! Stuart.
SlackChat podcast S02E20 - Slackathon - Raspberry Pi4
By mozes@slackware on 16-Dec-2021

In the latest SlackChat podcast we finish off the support for the Raspberry Pi4.

Slackware ARM 15.0 release candidate 2 available
By mozes@slackware on 29-Nov-2021


Release candidate 2 of Slackware 15.0 for ARM 32bit is available for users of -current. Please report any issues to the Slackware ARM forum

MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackware AArch64 - call for testers - Pinebook Pro & RockPro64
By mozes@slackware on 01-Nov-2021


I aim to complete the installation documentation for Slackware on the Pinebook Pro and RockPro64 Hardware Models in the coming weeks. If you'd like to help test prior to public release, drop mozes@slackware - dot -com an email. I'll have a look at the Raspberry Pi4 support in the coming months. Basic support is mostly complete, but needs tweaks before it can be Directly Integrated into Slackware.

MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackware AArch64 update - October 2021
By mozes@slackware on 26-Oct-2021

Hello! An update on Slackware AArch64. The OS was functionally complete in May 2021 after five months of hard development, at which point it is in lockstep with the 32bit ARM port and has been undergoing stability testing. I just finished the photo shoot for the Pinebook Pro hardware assembly documentation, and have a few more hours to spend to complete it, then begin the RockPro64 support. I'm now at the point where the documentation is the only remaining actions standing in the way of a public release in -current form with support for the RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro Hardware Models. I'll assess the Raspberry Pi 4 support once the documentation is complete, and make a decision about when and what to release.

MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackathon - Raspberry Pi4 & Pinebook Pro
By mozes@slackware on 01-Oct-2021

Hello! The SlackChat podcast season 2 episode 19 is up, and this time it's a Slackathon- finishing the Pinebook Pro installer support. Brent shows us the progress with the Raspberry Pi 4 integration.


MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackware ARM 15.0 beta release
By mozes@slackware on 12-May-2021

Hello! Slackware ARM 15.0 beta is released! There are some major changes under the hood, so make sure you read the release announcement.


MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackware AArch64 (ARM 64bit) status
By mozes@slackware on 22 Apr 2021

Hello! After a long three-month slog, the SlackwareAArch64 OS build is complete and is in sync and being developed in lockstep with Slackware ARM(32). There is still work to do around hardware support and more integration work around the build system, and some installer improvements I want to make before it's released in -current form. Watch this space for updates!

Thanks PINE64 again for their support on the hardware side - I am looking forward to receiving my Pinebook Pro!

We're talking about the progress and some of the technical details in the Slackware ARM youtube channel - so check that out. More episodes are coming!

Funding through donations towards the effort are also appreciated! As always, please donate to Patrick first (details are in my Patreon) and the ARM port 2nd.

MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackware ARM YouTube channel - SlackChat podcast season02
By mozes@slackware on 13 Jan 2021

Season 2 of the SlackChat podcast is on the new Slackware ARM youtube channel!

This season we'll be able to show you behind the scenes of how the port is developed and maintained, and we'll cover the development of SlackwareAArch64 too!

Remember to Like & Subscribe! :-)

MoZes@slackware (Stuart Winter)

Slackchat podcast: Trust and security within the OSS ecosystem
By mozes@slackware on 27 Aug 2020
Why do you trust software developed and distributed by people you don't know? Phil and I are sharing our insights and experiences into this topic, in the latest episode of the SlackChat podcast
Your commitment in support of the Slackware Linux on ARM Project
By mozes@slackware on 14-Jan-2020

Happy new year (although I'm not sure if there's a date by when you need to stop doing that!).

Some news on the Slackware ARM port. I have had a number of donations to the project since it began and once again I thank all of those who have made them.

As with all Open Source projects, there's a great deal of commitment from the developers to continue to maintain and support the project you're using. In the case of Slackware we have Patrick Volkerding and the rest of the team (including myself) donating their time free of charge.

As always, without Patrick Volkerding, Slackware ARM would cease to exist; so please in the first instance please show your support and commitment.

I've also set up a Patreon account for the users of the ARM port to provide a commitment and demonstration of support and a recognition of the value.

I'll be continuing to maintain and develop the port and distribute it free of charge because I enjoy the creative challenges. However, it has to now contend with other projects. Therefore I've set up a Patreon account for the users of the ARM port to provide a commitment and demonstration of support, which helps me prioritise.

Stuart Winter (MoZes)

Linux 5.4.2 hits Slackware ARM -current
By mozes@slackware on 10 Dec 2019

Linux 5.4.2 packages are now available in the main tree for all supported systems. That was the easiest and smoothest major upgrade in about fifteen years! Hats off to the Linux developer community.

Slackware ARM world rebuild complete
By mozes@slackware on 6th May 2018

The Slackware ARM world rebuild for -current is complete. Updates resume!

Slackware ARM world rebuild for -current
By mozes@slackware on 26th Apr 2018

The Slackware ARM world rebuild is happening in -current presently, so there won't be any updates for a while. First build began on..................: Mon Apr 23 15:39:32 BST 2018 Time spent building since first build : 5248 minutes / 87 hours / 3 days Most recent package began building on : Fri Apr 27 07:08:24 BST 2018 Failed count....: 11 (1%) [ recently: l/qtscriptgenerator , l/libtheora , l/libmsn , l/gegl , d/perl ] Success count...: 692 (90%) [ recently: a/bzip2 , a/btrfs-progs , a/bin , a/bash , a/attr ] Build pass......: 1 of 3 Current activity:- Building package a/acpid [ 704 of 765 ]

Thanks to ThoughtLynx for their various resources and help.

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth to this machine.