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Slackware ARM 14.1 and -current End of Life Announcement
By mozes on 07-May-2016

Slackware ARM 14.1 will become End of Life on 1st September 2016 and development of ARM -current will cease upon the release of Slackware 14.2.

I've enjoyed working on the port for over ten years, and it's been a pleasure seeing a community form around the work I've done. Thanks to those of you who donated to the project - I have never met any of you and I appreciate the gestures when there was no requirement to do so.

I'm just tired of continually thinking for my full time job, then working on the ARM port in what little time I have available. I don't have the time or mental space to continue making the port represent the hallmarks of Slackware.

Also in my experience of ARM Linux is that the software floating point will begin to deteriorate over time, as the mainstream hardware all uses HFP. As such, core systems such as the desktop will start to become unavailable - as is the case with the Mozilla suite. With this also in mind, it makes no sense to continue developing the software floating point port only to find that it's missing key components.

There are no other plans but I'll leave the door ajar; I may pick up something new later in the year.

Slackware ARM 14.2 will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for using Slackware ARM.
Stuart Winter

Slackware ARM 14.0 is now End of Life
By mozes on 05-May-2015

Slackware ARM v14.0 is now End of Life. Please upgrade to v14.1 for continued security updates.

Support for Banana Pi now in -current
By mozes on 09-Mar-2015

Slackware ARM -current now supports the Banana Pi!

The current installation documentation focuses on installing on to an 2.5in SATA hard drive, but alternative installation targets are welcome (please send a diff of the install document to MoZes@). Support for the Banana Pi in the main line Kernel is currently limited to having the Banana Pi in headless mode, but the Linux SUNXI team have plans to upstream more of the hardware support in 2015.

Slackware ARM v14.0 will be EOL 5th May 2015
By mozes on 06-Jan-2015

Slackware ARM v14.0 will become EOL (End of Life) on 5th May 2015 which means that it'll no longer receive any security patches. Please plan to upgrade your 14.00 installations to Slackware ARM 14.1 for continued support.

Slackware ARM PGP key replaced
By mozes on 16-Jun-2014

The PGP key used to sign the packages for Slackware ARM used an email address at the old '' domain which is set to be retired. A new key has been created and the supported releases (14.0, 14.1) and 'current' have been re-signed with the new key.

The older unsupported releases will remain signed with the previous ARMedslack key.

For users of slackpkg, you should first upgradepkg slackpkg manually prior to using slackpkg to update your system.

For reference: The old ARMedslack key is here and the new key is here.

Slackware ARM 13.37 is now End of Life
By mozes on 06-Jan-2014

Slackware ARM v13.37 is now End of Life. Please upgrade to v14.1 for continued security updates.

Slackware ARM 14.1 stable is released
By mozes on 07-Nov-2013

Slackware ARM 14.1 is released!

The Slackware team is proud to announce the availability of Slackware ARM 14.1! This is the first release in over a year, and offers many improvements throughout the OS: including the latest compilers and development tools, and recent versions of applications, window managers, desktop environments, and utilities. The Linux kernel is updated to version 3.10.17 (part of the 3.10.x kernel series that will be getting long-term support from the kernel developers).

Need help? Check out our documentation site, Stop by and share your knowledge!


Thanks to all of those who were involved - including the Slackware core team and the community that is building around Slackware ARM. Thanks also to all of those of you who have helped extensively on some tricky problems in previous releases, upon and from which 14.1 has evolved.


Slackware ARM 14.1 is available immediately.

To download the release, see the Get Slack page. The mini root filesystem for v14.1 is also available immediately for machines for which the regular Slackware installer is unavailable.

Supporting Slackware

If you use Slackware on x86/x86_64 and would also like to support the parent project, please help support the project through subscriptions to the DVD/CD media, and by purchasing goodies from the Slackware store.

Slackware ARM also accepts donations directly through PayPal donations.

Slackware ARM web site is now delivered by Akamai
By mozes on 02-Nov-2013

The folks at Akamai - the leading global Content Delivery Network - have generously provided Slackware with extensive global content caching and Internet routing performance enhancements, allowing us to keep the sites up and provide consistent performance during peak times.

A big thanks to the guys at Akamai for making this happen.

Slackware ARM v14.1, release candidate 1 is ready
By mozes on 18-Oct-2013

Slackware ARM v14.1 rc1 is now up on the FTP site and ready for testing. Please help test - preferably using a new installation - and report anything unexpected to the mailing list. Thanks!

Slackware ARM v13.37 will be EOL 1st Jan 2014
By mozes on 23-Sep-2013

Slackware ARM v13.37 will become EOL (End of Life) on 1st Jan 2014 which means that it'll no longer receive any security patches. Slackware ARM 14.1 will have been released before then, so I recommend that you start to plan any necessary upgrades.

Slackware ARM hard float port now in progress
By mozes on 02-Apr-2013

Eric Hameleers (alienBOB of the Slackware Core team) has begun a 32-bit ARM hard float port of Slackware. This port will allow Slackware users to maximise the performance of the newest ARM devices (ARMv7 and greater). The project is currently focusing on supporting the Samsung 2012 ARM Chromebook.

See Eric's ARM blog for progress.