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Financially supporting the Slackware Linux Project
By mozes on 23 Sep 2019

Please help support Patrick Volkerding develop the Slackware project through a monthly donation.

Slackware ARM world rebuild complete
By mozes on 6th May 2018

The Slackware ARM world rebuild for -current is complete. Updates resume!

Slackware ARM world rebuild for -current
By mozes on 26th Apr 2018

The Slackware ARM world rebuild is happening in -current presently, so there won't be any updates for a while. First build began on..................: Mon Apr 23 15:39:32 BST 2018 Time spent building since first build : 5248 minutes / 87 hours / 3 days Most recent package began building on : Fri Apr 27 07:08:24 BST 2018 Failed count....: 11 (1%) [ recently: l/qtscriptgenerator , l/libtheora , l/libmsn , l/gegl , d/perl ] Success count...: 692 (90%) [ recently: a/bzip2 , a/btrfs-progs , a/bin , a/bash , a/attr ] Build pass......: 1 of 3 Current activity:- Building package a/acpid [ 704 of 765 ]

Thanks to ThoughtLynx for their various resources and help.

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