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Releases and support matrix

Slackware ARM usually releases shortly after Slackware x86 has been released unless there is a specific reason to hold back a release.

The table below lists the releases of Slackware ARM and the supported ("out of the box") architectures for each release.

Release maintenance - security and patches

Starting with Slackware ARM 13.1, Slackware ARM releases will be supported for two releases previous to the current release. If the supported time period be required to change (due to developer time commitments), no less than two months notice will be given in the ChangeLog for the affected release(s).

"Support" means that the release receives the updates (where appropriate) that appear in Slackware x86.

Security patches - time scales

Stable and supported release: the goal is to delivery updated security patches in to the Slackware ARM tree as soon as the packages are available in x86 tree. Realistically, packages may lag behind by a few days due to the time taken to build some of the larger packages, the availability of build servers and the availability of developer time.

Slackware ARM 'current': The security updates may lag behind for days, weeks or months, depending upon the state of the tree. At some stages the tree may be in a state of flux (often due to the kernels, toolchains or a build of a large package such as 'KDE') and as such will not be in a state suitable for public consumption. Users are therefore advised that if the punctuality of security updates is of importance, they should choose a stable release rather than following the '-current' branch.

Slackware ARM release history

Version Release Date Supported
14.1 07-Nov-2013 Yes
14.00 28-Sep-2012 Yes
13.37 01 May 2011 No (Ended Jan 01 2014)
13.1 14 Jun 2010 No (Ended: Jul 10 2012)
12.2 29 Jun 2009 No (Ended Jul 31 2010)
11.0 18 Jan 2007 No (Ended 29 Aug 2008)