[ARMedslack] Raspberry Pi summary of my first installation

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Fri Sep 21 14:31:51 UTC 2012

> when I'm using installpkg */*t?z to install the slackware packages, they
> are sorted and a/aaa_base and a/aaa_elflibs are the first packages that are
> installed, I don't have to take extra care for that

They may become unsorted, or sorted differently depending on your setting

I was referring to installing them inside of your Slackware installation
'root' only.
If I was documenting it or scripting it, I'd always add the aaa* packages
first, specificially to avoid any file name sorting issues since I've had
the problem in the past.  If it works for you without doing so, great :-)

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