[ARMedslack] Raspberry Pi summary of my first installation

Frank Boehm frank at thor.baldar.de
Fri Sep 21 13:59:42 UTC 2012

On Fri, 21 Sep 2012, Stuart Winter wrote:

a/pkgtools-*.tgz  ; sh
a/tar-*.tgz       ; sh
a/xz-*.tgz        ; sh
a/findutils-*.tgz ; sh

> I'd add to this to install a/aaa_base first, then a/aaa_elflibs;

these four packages are installed in my raspian image, to be able to install 
slackware packages

when I'm using installpkg */*t?z to install the slackware packages, they
are sorted and a/aaa_base and a/aaa_elflibs are the first packages 
that are installed, I don't have to take extra care for that

> otherwise you might find some packages don't install properly because
> a install/doinst.sh script refers to a directory on the
> filesystem, but where the dir is not part of the package's tar archive
> (it's a rarity but does happen).

or do you mean, these two packages have to be installed in raspbian too?

I created a logfile for my installation and didn't get any errors

have fun,
cu Frank

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