[ARMedslack] Cross Compiling

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Wed Jul 11 08:42:51 UTC 2012

> I have tried the Armedslack and seems to be a very interesting
> product. Works good, but for some thing may be needed some
> optimization (for example KDE).

What optimisations are you hoping to add?

The only way to optimise KDE that I know of are to turn off the "must have
lots of graphical loviness" which used to be an possible in KDE3 but I
haven't seen it in KDE4.

> I see that there is a tool to compile "native" the packages, but now
> I'm wondering if there is the possibility to have (or realize) a Cross
> Compiler specifically that it's able to work with Slackbuilds of
> armedslack.


You need to run the 'x-build' script there
run distcc on your x86 machine using commands from the 'rc.local-addition'
script, and then use part of the 'dbuild' script on your ARM machine

So do do a build of an armedslack package all I do is

cd source/a/bash

Obviously you have to have read the instructions first and configured

Have a look through the mail archives for this list as you're not the
first to ask.

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