[ARMedslack] How to compile the whole Slackware ARM?

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Thu Nov 18 09:26:56 UTC 2010

> I am a member of the Slackware italian community (Slacky). Together with
> other people I am trying to learn how to compile the full Slackware ARM, in
> order to make a port to the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard.

A port for it? It'll already run on the beagleboard.
What is making you think that you need to do anything other than build a

> I searched the source files in the armedslack-13.1/source directory, but I
> found only the build scripts. Here are my questions:

The instructions to build from source:

>   - is there an how-to guide for compiling the full Slackware?

No - it's an iterative process - some packages will just need
building once, but some will require rebuilding several times
throughout the process so that they can link against newly built libraries

Stuart Winter
Slackware ARM: www.armedslack.org

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