[ARMedslack] How to compile the whole Slackware ARM?

Giovanni pino.otto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 19:18:23 UTC 2010


I am a member of the Slackware italian community (Slacky). Together with
other people I am trying to learn how to compile the full Slackware ARM, in
order to make a port to the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard.

I downloaded the full Slackware ARM tree and installed it on a PlugComputer

Now I woud like to compile all the Slackware ARM packages from the sources.

I searched the source files in the armedslack-13.1/source directory, but I
found only the build scripts. Here are my questions:
  - where can I find the source files?
  - do I have to download them from the main original Slackware tree?
  - if so, what is the suggested way to structure the build environment
(file tree, environment variables, scripts, etc.)
  - is there a way to make the full compile of all the packages by launching
some scripts?
  - do I have to launch the slackbuild manually for each package?
  - is there an how-to guide for compiling the full Slackware?

Best regards,
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