[ARMedslack] KDE fails in -current

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Sun Dec 19 14:12:15 UTC 2010

> > I think it might be because of the new "mesa", so I'm going to have a play
> > around with that now.
> Let me know when you have a new version to test, I'll be at the top!
> Reverted back to 13.1 last night (QT, XZ, All KDE, etc, etc).

I don't think it's Mesa now, although I've rebuilt it to make "xlib" the
default driver, as it should be on ARM.
WindowMaker works fine through x11vnc - I think it's a KDE problem.
There's a 4.4.5 KDE release available which looks like it'll fix at least
a few of those errors.

I might try upgrading kdebase and seeing if that works, but hopefully KDE
will be upgraded in Slackware.

Stuart Winter
Slackware ARM: www.armedslack.org

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