[ARMedslack] armedslack on android phone?

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Wed Jul 17 05:24:41 UTC 2013

>>>http://arm.slackware.com to point to it.
>>>I don't think I need to be the custodian of the support matrix.  If you
>>>want to go ahead and create the page on docs.slackware.com, go ahead and
>>>let me know once it's done.

>> That's exactly what I was trying to say. Different story if you want me
>> to add it to the non officially supported platforms section on the 
>> http://arm.slackware.com/supportedplatforms/ page.

>I've moved the community platforms and linked it from that page, so the
>community can update the list.

I've added the XZPAD700 to that 

Thanks Stuart

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