[ARMedslack] armedslack on android phone?

Dennis huckfinn1963 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 12 17:39:07 UTC 2013

Hello all 
    I have a motorola bionic phone with android JB. With it I have a webdock, which is
basically a hdmi monitor with a usb mouse and keyboard.  I use this fairly often and
what I really miss is running linux as android is a  modified version and just doesn't
have the same look, feel, and functionality as a full linux system.  I run slackware 14 on my home system, and when I found out slackware had this group I joined up.
So far it looks like the rasp pi and simular computers are the target. Just wondering 
if anyone has ventured into the android phone area?  I'm not sure if a dual boot would be possible?  Or if it would have to run under the android shell as other linux distro's do.  I haven't done much programming for a long time, but I do continue to use and play around with my linux machine at home.  Been a slackware fan since 1992 or so and after trying some of the other distro's I found I prefer slackware still. 
Dual boot would be prefered, and I have found that the drivers for the phone are available thru android open source so just maybe this would be workable.
         I'm also looking to get a small computer like one of usb sticks I've seen to put the web on the TV, and am looking for any advice as to which would be the best for slackware/android combo.

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