[ARMedslack] Totally OT: x86 netbook

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Fri Aug 16 21:52:33 UTC 2013

> Due to my tablet having recently been stolen, and absolutely refusing
> to buy an Android or Apple device, and having in the meantime given up
> on the idea of having an ARM-based netbook/laptop (the Chromebook
> being out of the equation for the above mentioned reasons), I find
> myself without a portable device. My choice has to go for a PC-based
> device, unless somebody comes with an alternative idea.
> I can't find any new netbooks on the market any more. Even Novatech

I think Netbooks are no longer in production, in general, since they did
not sell as well as they manufacturers had hoped.

> has stopped selling netbooks. The Linux Emporium has only big and
> relatively expensive laptops, some of then are a bit obsolete.  A
> laptop with Windows 8 is also for various reasons out of the equation.

You said that you don't want an apple device, but I really love my Macbook
Air.  I use it for everything now when I am not using my Linux desktop
machine.  I had planned to use the Chromebook since it's light weight and
cheap, but once my work gave me a macbook, I haven't looked back!

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