[ARMedslack] Raspberry Pi summary of my first installation

Frank Boehm frank at thor.baldar.de
Fri Sep 21 12:28:47 UTC 2012


got my 2nd Pi from Farnell before my 1st one from RC arrived.

Tested with the official Raspibian image. Everything worked.
apt-get udpate; apt-get upgrade

Used the running Raspbian Image to create my slackware without the
slackware installer.

my summary for the raspberry
if you just have the official raspbian image and a mirror of armedslack:

Put a 16GB sdcard in a card reader and created three partitions with cfdisk:
1. 512MB fat32
2. 1GB swap
3. rest of card ext3 and not ext4!
    mke2fs -j -I128 /dev/sda3

copied the first partition /boot of the Raspian Image to the first partition
on the sd card.

mounted a mirror of armedslack with nfs from a lan server on /mnt/armedslack
and /dev/sda3 of the card reader to /mnt/root.

installed 4 packages on raspbian, 
cd /
tar xvzf /mnt/armedslack/armedslack-current/slackware/a/pkgtools-*.tgz  ; sh ./install/doinst.sh ; rm -rf ./install
tar xvzf /mnt/armedslack/armedslack-current/slackware/a/tar-*.tgz       ; sh ./install/doinst.sh ; rm -rf ./install 
tar xvzf /mnt/armedslack/armedslack-current/slackware/a/xz-*.tgz        ; sh ./install/doinst.sh ; rm -rf ./install
tar xvzf /mnt/armedslack/armedslack-current/slackware/a/findutils-*.tgz ; sh ./install/doinst.sh ; rm -rf ./install 
export ROOT=/mnt/root

changed the link in /bin for sh from dash to bash

change directory to my nfs mount of the slackware mirror
and started my installation:
installpkg */*t?z

everything was ready the next morning for breakfast, flash is cheap,
installed kde, I don't plan to use it, but I will need qt

copied /etc/fstab of the raspian Image to my slackware Installation, and
copied /lib/modules to my slackware /mnt/root/lib/modules
changed fstab and boot/cmdline.txt from the 2nd partition to my 3rd partition and added ro
changed inittab, but you don't have to for the first start
chroot to /mnt/root and called pkgtool

fired up with the slackware sd card and was happy, 
thank you for armedslack or slackwarearm

slackware-current is ok for me, but
I had one caveat, had to use udev from 13.37, 
couldn't use gpm and keyboard/mouse in X otherwise

have fun,
cu Frank

PS: I'm keeping a local mirror of slackwarearm
     rsync -Pavv --delete li-la.de::slackwarearm/armedslack-13.37 .
     rsync -Pavv --delete li-la.de::slackwarearm/slackwarearm-current .

      will look in the raspi packages and hacks
      just want to keep it basic for starters

PSSS: I'm using a hdmi2vga adapter for my old 16:10 LCD for 1680x1050

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how he could so freely contradict this week what he had said just last week.
The great man replied that it was because this week he knew better.

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