[ARMedslack] New Samsung Chromebook

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Tue Oct 30 06:46:41 UTC 2012


>> Does anybody know which ARM processor it has and if it can potentially
>> run Slackware ARM in a proper and easy way?
>Olof Johansson has just posted a way to install an alternative Linux
>distro on the new Chromebook:
>He has succeded with Suse just using the Suse root filesystem and the
>Chrome OS stock kernel. It looks like a complicated procedure (at
>least for me) and the catch is that it will boot from the Chrome
>partition, but I understand that he and other developers are working
>on booting from an external storage altogether.
>If anybody has any ideas on this subject they will do me a great
>favour. I have a limited budget. I was saving money to buy the new
>Genesi device which hasn't come yet but this little gem is tempting me

Can't be much more difficult then any other arm platform:
get a kernel that works for the hardware,
get the tools to manipulate the kernel image so that the boot loader on the hardware will liad it (may need to package the initrd in there too),
setup your initrd to look for whereever you plan to put the real root filesystem (that will contain whatever distro uou prefer)
find a way of writing your boot image to the hardware (and root image if not on a removable media),
cross your fingers and boot.

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