[ARMedslack] Anyone weigh in on Dreamplug install for 14.0?

Innes Read armedslack at innes.veryspeedy.net
Mon Oct 1 17:27:09 UTC 2012


I'm about to start upgrading my Dreamplug to Slackware 14.0.  Last time
I had problems with the 13.37 Slackware kernel because of MTD being
enabled (kernel boot locks when it probes for NAND flash which isn't
present on the Dreamplug), and also the lack of ext2load command in the
U-Boot.  I got over it by using the Guruplug arcnumber (2659), putting
the kernel + initrd on a local memory card which U-Boot could access,
and using a generic kernel from another source which had no MTD turned
on.  That was about a year ago and it seems that while some things have
improved, others remain the same.

The Dreamplug now has its own arcnumber (3550) although it seems like
flattened device trees may have made that stuff irrelevant.  There is a
problem with CONFIG_ARM_PATCH_PHYS_VIRT which causes the apparent hang
at the Kernel Uncompressing... message which looks to be fixed in later
U-Boots.  However, I don't really see a clean U-Boot replacement for the
Dreamplug anywhere (Debian may have one but as I don't have access to a
copy of my current/original U-Boot image I'm not sure I want to go
there).  The other issue with U-Boot is of course the booting direct
from disk - which I'd love to do (and the SlackwareARM install assumes
you can do) but cannot with my current system.

Before I dive in and experiment, has anyone got any insights into
Dreamplug installs for Slackware 14.0 or am I too early?  I'd be happy
to continue with the current U-Boot and putting the kernel/initrd
elsewhere for now, but does anyone know if the Slackware kernels can be
used on the Dreamplug directly, or whether I need to be looking for
another one (or build my own)?

Thanks,  Innes.
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