[ARMedslack] Error compiling kernel on raspberry pi since latest changelog update

Sorin Mitrica sorin at spit-ct.ro
Wed Jul 11 19:25:14 UTC 2012

On 11.07.2012 10:27, Stuart Winter wrote:
>> Those reversions are actuallty the latest gcc packages in -current. Kernel
>> compilation on the Pi worked with gcc-4.7.0, with 4.7.1 it gives me that
>> error.
> Hehe.  It all made sense yesterday in my lack of sleep induced alternate
> reality.
> So I have a newer gcc build on the dev boxes than the packages on the
> FTP site and I got confused about what "-current" was where.
> Given that I've compiled 3 kernels with that toolchain, I'd go down the
> patch route if I were you.  I'll have some newer gcc packages nearer the
> end of the week that I can upload for test if you want, but to be honest I
> doubt they'll help.
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Please upload those newer gcc packages. It seems there is a bug in the 
toolchain. I downloaded again the sources for the kernel from the git 
hub, removed all packages from d/ and glibc , cleaned everything, 
reinstalled all the packages that I removed earlier but the error still 

Thanks in advance,


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