[ARMedslack] Upset regarding raspberry pi - unsuported.-Opinion

stanley garvey stanley at stanleygarvey.com
Sun Dec 23 23:06:39 UTC 2012

Christmas is upon us and I am rather upset, a year ago the Raspberry pi
was a rare beast, it touted linux at a low cost OS. It was for children,
it could be used on old telly's and new things likes monitors or HD TVs,
what could be wrong? Huh! I could have got the kids android pads, but I
was worried about the walled gardens and app store culture. So what do
the Raspberry Pi Foundation go and do? they create a raspberry pi store
with Debian (Raspiean app store or what ever). enough already, I want my
children to lean how to programme, not how to download the latest app.
Merry Christmas
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