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Sat Feb 26 23:58:18 UTC 2011

> Have you been able to boot the root filesystems that have been tagged as
> actually working with the Pandora?  I see a gentoo one on one of the
> linked pages - have you tried it?

Yes, it worked.
Also took kernel from it, and put into the slack rootfs without success,
although it worked with the official Pandora rootfs.

> My feeling, based on a quick review of the messages in the thread, is that
> you've built a kernel, but it doesn't contain all of the support you need
> to boot the system.
> What I'd do as a first thing is to boot a pre-made distribution:
> http://neuvoo.org/wiki/index.php?title=Install_Pre-Built_Image
> and see what lsmod returns.
> Here's the official Pandora rootfs lsmod :

bufferclass_ti          6036  0
omaplfb                 9408  0
pvrsrvkm              128360  2 bufferclass_ti,omaplfb
ipv6                  234600  10
ads7846                 8960  0
hwmon                   2516  1 ads7846

The one on gentoo is not interesting. Only sound and wifi modules.

> This will indicate what some of the things that you need to build into
> your kernel. Once you've made a monolichic kernel, you should be able to
> boot the ARMedslack mini root without needing to load additional modules
> (since you won't *have* the modules relevant for your board in the mini
> root since ARMedslack doesn't provide kernel packages for this board).

Ok, i'll try this step.

> It took me ages to get good kernel configs for the packages shipped with
> ARMedslack.

:/ hope i'll succeed soon.
Thx for tips.
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