[ARMedslack] Ktorrent keeps crashing with sig 11

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Tue Oct 12 14:23:08 UTC 2010

> is from -current on my guruplug running from the micro SD with that uboot I
> compiled up.  BUT using from 13.1 because of the missing
> Access Point module in -current.
> It doesn't happen alot.  But it does happen enough to be a concern.

There is a Ktorrent 4.0.3 which I have built and will put into the
-current when I next push it out.  Whether it'll resolve the issue, I
don't know, but this is in the changelog:
Changes in 4.0.3:
- Fix bug causing wrong encoding to be used when the default save location
of a group is read (244873)
- Fix crash in QueueManagerWidget when moving torrents in the queue
- When renaming files in a torrent prevent duplicate names (244624)
- Fix crash on exit when cleaning up UPnP requests
- Fix crash due to uncaught exception when a tor directory cannot be
removed (247979)

Stuart Winter
Slackware ARM: www.armedslack.org

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