[ARMedslack] Ktorrent keeps crashing with sig 11

John O'Donnell unixjohn1969 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 06:12:52 UTC 2010

I am not sure why this is happening.  What can I provide to help?

I disabled all the plugins to try to speed up processing and reduce the 
likelihood of them producing a problem.  It has helped with the sluggishness 
alot!  But I leave it unattended and it still crashes once in a while.  This is 
from -current on my guruplug running from the micro SD with that uboot I 
compiled up.  BUT using from 13.1 because of the missing 
Access Point module in -current.

It doesn't happen alot.  But it does happen enough to be a concern.

Thanks in advance,
Johnny O

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