[ARMedslack] What's the difference between USB<->serial devices on Arm Slack and Intel Slack?

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Thu Jul 22 08:23:11 UTC 2010

> As this was a Globalscale product I scoured their site and posted requests on
> their plug PC forums for the location.  I should have probably looked at
> Marvell.  The management executable (uaputl) looks like it was a port of a
> windoze package.
> root at guruslack:~# uaputl
> uaputl.exe - uAP utility ver 1.12
> Usage:
>         uaputl.exe [options] <command> [command parameters]

Do you know the source/master URL for these?
I looked at packages.debian.org for the names of some of those firmware
files but didn't find a package to which they belong -- I suspect that
these files are in the debian shipped on the NAND, but not in Debian
itself.  If I know where to get them from, I can package them as a package
in the 'n/' which is where many firmware blobs for various network cards
can be found.

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