[armedslack] EABI

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Mon Jul 6 12:31:28 UTC 2009

Hi David,

> I am glad to see that you would like to do an EABI ARMed slack.

I started building the base packages on the weekend and
have got pretty far.  I should  be able to boot into a new
Slackware ARM EABI OS within a few more days.
After that I'll need to rebuild everything a few times since these
are just bootstrap versions.

> I recently build the gcc/glibc for EABI using codesourcery as a base toolchain.
> I would like to "help" with the EABI although I am most interested in
> S3C6410 (arm1176jzf-s) and not so much "legacy" armv4 etc.  My most
> recent toy is running Ubuntu -- but I like the slack.

Slackware ARM is built for the lowest denominator on the market
which is "armv4".  I did consider using armv5 but there are so many
devices which would be excluded, that I decided to set the base at armv4.
The Kernels are always optomised for the specific device, and my
thoughts are that if someone wants to, they can rebuild some of the
userspace stuff using -march=armv5 pretty easily.

What I'm having trouble with at the moment is the "target triplet"
name of the toolchain.
It ought to be "arm-slackware-linux" as it is for the Slackware 12.2
but the only way I've found to make the new gcc output for the EABI
is to name the toolchain "arm-slackware-linux-gnueabi".
There must be a way of changing the gcc specs, or passing a config
option when building gcc (you can use --arch=armv4t to tell it to
output binaries for armv4t by default), but I haven't figured out
how to tell it to output EABI yet.
If anybody knows how to make this work, please let me know!

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