[ARMedslack] ARMED kernel compile errors

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Thu Dec 3 17:07:13 UTC 2009

> Today i made a kernel configuration that suits my acer pda i mentioned a
> week before, and then i tried to build it in the ARMedslack i installed
> under qemu. I used the kernel source .tgz you supplied with the
> ARMedslack 12.2 distribution. The compilation was stopped with error.
> The problematic file was vgacon.c. Since the vga text console is
> necessary for me, i could not take it out from the kernel options. How
> did you succeed to compile this kernel? What do you think i should do
> with that? This was the gcc error message:

Neither QEMU nor the Kirkwood platforms provide VGA, so the kernels
don't have support for it.

Does the PDA really have VGA?

The default config for the N30 has not got VGA set -- it does have
Framebuffer set though -- most ARM devices use framebuffer: try using
that instead.

prisere [arm] # pwd
prisere [arm] # egrep "VGA|N30" ./configs/s3c2410_defconfig
# CONFIG_VGASTATE is not set
# CONFIG_FB_SVGALIB is not set
prisere [arm] #

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