[armedslack] Re: RiscPC install instructions for ARMedslack ?

Mark Smith markinnz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 20:23:20 UTC 2006

On 12/29/06, Stuart Winter <mozes at biscuit.org.uk> wrote:
> > Have I missed a step out here ?
> Those steps sound normal.
> > I've just a standard StrongARM RiscPC  with a 1.7Gb drive on the built
> > in IDE in it, 256Mb of RAM, 2Mb of VRAM, a NIC and that's about it.
> I don't think I've tried to install it on the motherboard IDE before!
> If you try again now, does it work?
> Also what happens if you use fdisk rather than acorn-fdisk?  Make sure you
> backup your RISC OS partition first :)

I used fdisk first go around with the same result which is why I then tried
acorn-fdisk .. acorn-fdisk also recognises the RISC OS partition whereas
fdisk does not.

When I get home from work (it's friday at 9:20am here :-) I'll do an update
of the files from your site and try the new ones.

I've had it where I'll create partitions which then aren't shown in
> /proc/partitions, which is why I included 'partprobe' in the installer.
> Did you flick through the virtual consoles and see if there were any error
> messages?  It's probably something simple.  If you can't see anything,
> I'll do an install on the onboard IDE and see what happens.

I've not tried "partprobe" ... what will it show me ?

And I thought about looking at error messages on the console last night
while I was in bed .. stupid time to think of it but god knows how my brain
works .. will look when I get home :-)

If you do get a chance to see if the internal IDE is the issue that would



PS .  Did my message get through top the mailing list ?  Not seen a copy
come to me yet.
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