[ARMedslack] Toshiba AC100

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Fri May 31 19:34:35 UTC 2013

>>>> I noticed that the whole http://tosh-ac100.wetpaint.com/ thing has been
>>>> taken down thus braking the link for the information on how to get
>>>> slackware
>>>> arme on the AC100.
>>>> I'm trying to get the info from the wetpaint crew (at least the text I
>>>> wrote) to see if I can have it hosted somewhere else.
>>>> Regards
>>>> David
>>>I just asked Google about our interested problem and as it happens
>>>Google told me about the Wikipedia entries on it. That location has at
>>>its bottom of page an external link, that link is here:
>>>http://ac100.grandou.net/ that Wiki has a surprise there.
>>>It contains your text carefully collected from the mistake that
>>>Wetpaint claims they blocked. (The mistake was theirs, not yours.) I
>>>believe it is the text you were thinking of.
>> Intresting but I can't see to find my text ....
>> I probabbly need to have a better look  but even the search form over there
>> is not helping me.
>> Have you a link directly to the text ?
>> Stuart: if thext is where Greg says maybe the link in the supported
>> platforms should be updated (as it's currently broken).
>> Regards
>> David

>It's down at the bottom of the pages on the new site. I promptly
>selected the link and brought it up, and shoehorned it into the Tiny
>URL maker. Here: http://tinyurl.com/m3qffon and that's yours. They
>state that after importing the (possibly) obsolete information it will
>be deleted.

There's probably something wrong with me or with my browser or some other dumb thing  ... but I recognize a menu that's resembles remotely what used to be on tosh-ac100 ... but I looked on every element of the menu and could not recognise my armedslack (it was not slackware arm at the time) howto ... well if you can see the text save it somewhere.
I'm not interested in the layout ... just the text. I'll fix it up and find another place to host it.

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