[ARMedslack] Strange problem installing Slackware 14.0 on the Raspberry Pi

Michael Langfinger slackware at langfinger.org
Thu May 9 17:33:57 UTC 2013


 I tried to install Slackware 14.0 for ARM on my Raspberry Pi (Model B, 
 512 MB RAM). I used the installer image from http://rpi.fatdog.eu/, the 
 package repository is on a USB flash drive. The installer boots just 
 fine, I can configure my keyboard and set the current date without 
 problems. I can also configure the partitions (swap, root and so on) in 
 the setup, set the package source and select the packages. The 
 installation process starts but quits after a few seconds, telling me 
 that the installation was successful (which of course is wrong). Shortly 
 before this message, two error messages pop up in the background:

 "Error retrieving current directory - getcwd cannot access parent 
 directories: no such file or directory" and "/mnt/etc/fstab - no such 
 file or directory". I made sure that the SD card is writable and mounted 
 to /mnt. I don't think that this is a hardware issue, because the same 
 SD card was used in this RPi with OpenELEC.

 And this is not the only strange behaviour - when i quit the installer, 
 the system date is set to the next day (e.g. May,10 instead of May,9). I 
 have no clue what might cause this and how to solve it. I installed 
 Slackware on another RPi a while ago, without any problems (using the 
 image from Dave's Collective and with a NFS server for the packages). I 
 will try the image from Dave, but I don't think that this will solve the 

 Any ideas?

 Kind regards,

 Michael Langfinger

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