[ARMedslack] Quick question

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Sun Mar 31 22:18:04 UTC 2013

> On the other hand if you release a new rootfs say every month, all that a
> smart user has to do is umount /home and untar the new rootfs over the old
> one and some post install cleanup. Alternatively they can be educated to
> update properly.

Untarring would lead to cruft lying around which would be problematic.
You'd also have to provide instructions about how to update.  See
MySQL->MariaDB for example - you'd have document the upgradepkg package
name switch (upgradepkg oldpkg%newpkg) - otherwise someone'd have bits of both
packages installed at once.

THe Slackware ARM build machines are reinstalled every few days. For
-current, an installer is ideal IME. As the developer, it's *so easy*
to boot the installer and let it install, press ENTER a few times and
reboot; as distinct from having to put in an SD Card, unpack this and
that, load up an editor to edit fstab and so on.

For stable releases there's probably not much in it though, to be honest -
there'd be one rootfs for the release, and anything else ends up in
/patches as usual.

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