[ARMedslack] Quick question

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Sun Mar 31 21:32:48 UTC 2013

> Are you using the default chrome os kernel or is it a native one?

The default one at the moment but if I make the work public, I'll have
built my own 3.4.0 from the ChromeOS Git repo.
I do keep my notes in the 'slackwarearm-devtools/chromebook' dir on the
FTP site though.  It's a bit random at the moment, but it'll start to take
shape in the next few months when I have time to dedicate to it in May and
August.  If you have some good info, please let me know on list.

The first thing I want to figure out how to get the installer working on
it - which will involve getting WiFI into the installer and figuring some other
logistical things out.  For me, that's really the fun part of maintaining
a port; I quite like hacking the installer to add ARM support.

I may just keep it as a side project and not put it back into Slackware
ARM though, as I'd recommend Eric's hard float port to make maximum use of
the device.

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