[ARMedslack] Using the x-toolchain.

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Sun Mar 31 17:44:51 UTC 2013

> Now i would like to use the toolchain directly on my x86 64 bit host.
> For instance, i'd like to compile a kernel for ARM. I'd also like to use
> the other ARM distcc on my network.
> How do i setup the pathes, launch the stuff etc ?

You don't.  It's not a full cross compiler - as it says in the script: it
builds enough to work with distcc.

Eric has made a set of scripts to build a full cross compiler
I used it a few months ago to cross compile a kernel and it was fine.

David - the only reason to use the cross compiler that I've supplied (when
building natively with distcc) is so that the cross toolchain is the exact
same source base + patches, kernel headers and glibc that's running
natively -- as there'd most likely be issues if you're compiling using
mismatched toolchains.  However, if you're just cross compiling kernels
entirely non-natively then it doesn't matter if the toolchains don't

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