[ARMedslack] getting SATA working on seagate goflex net

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Mon Apr 22 12:49:13 UTC 2013

I decided it was time to pull out the goflexnet and hook up two 2.5" sata drives on it.
I've slackware arm 14 running on it but I can't seem to see anything like a sata bus detected on my goflex net.

Do I need to do something on uboot ro enable sata before the kernel is started ?

I've also fixed the rootfs not being passed correctly via kernel command line:
fw_setenv usb_scan 'usb start; setenv usb_boot_dev none; for dev in  $usb_dev_list; do test $dev -eq 0 && setenv devname /dev/sda ; test $dev -eq 1 && setenv devname /dev/sdb ; test $dev -eq 2 && setenv devname /dev/sdc ; test $dev -eq 3 && setenv devname /dev/sdd ; echo $devname ; for part in $usb_part_list; do echo $dev $part ; if ext2ls usb ${dev}:$part /etc ; then setenv root_fs root=${devname}$part ; setenv rootfstype rootfs=ext2 ; fi ; if ext2load usb ${dev}:$part 0x800000 /boot/uImage 10 ; then setenv usb_boot_dev $dev:$part ; setenv usb_boot_dir /boot ; fi  ; if ext2load usb ${dev}:$part 0x800000 /uImage 10 ; then setenv usb_boot_dev $dev:$part ; setenv usb_boot_dir ; fi  ; done; done; if test "$usb_boot_dev" = "none" ; then echo "No USB bootable device found" ; else echo "USB device $usb_boot_dev is bootable" ; setenv bootargs $console $mtdparts $root_fs ro $rootfstype ; echo $bootargs ; sleep 1; ext2load usb $usb_boot_dev 0x800000
 $usb_boot_dir/uImage && setenv usb_boot_address 0x800000 ; ext2load usb $usb_boot_dev 0x1100000 $usb_boot_dir/uinitrd && setenv usb_boot_address 0x800000 0x1100000 ; bootm $usb_boot_address ; fi;'
fw_setenv bootcmd 'run usb_scan; run set_flash_bootargs; run boot_flash_kernel'

but that does not seem to help detecting anything connected to the sata ports.

Is the arch number correct ? 

Also I can't find where the leds are controlled ... there are a total of 8 monochromatic and one bicolr lets on this thing but I can only find this:
root at slackware:/sys/class/leds# ls
plug:green:health@  plug:red:misc@
root at slackware:/sys/class/leds#

what's up with the 8 white leds ?

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