[ARMedslack] Avatar S701-R2A-1 Sirius 7" Tablet

Ottavio Caruso ottavio2006-usenet2012 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 15 20:33:59 UTC 2013

Looking at the specs I wouldn't pay more than $40 for that device and in
general anything less than $150 is rubbish (but I paid only £80 for my
Samsung Player and hardware-wise it's ok).

If you want a Linux ready tablet go for the Pengpod, but honestly I'm no
fan of the Allwinner A10 and due yo no UK based vendor I'll pass on it.

With regards to native Slackware on tablets, I've asked this questions both
here and on LQ, the reception has been negative.
On Apr 15, 2013 8:47 PM, "Ben Bauer" <ben at bauers.ca> wrote:

> http://www.comtronic.ca/cci/home.php?do=ShowProducts&cmd=detail&cid=NB&pid=017133
> CPU     ARM Cortex-A9 1.0GHz Single Core
> GPU     Mali-400, with 3D Accelerator
> Memory  1GB DDR3
> Storage 4GB NAND Flash
> Display 7" TFT-LCD
> ...
> I/O Ports       1 x Micro USB 2.0 Port
> 1 x Mini HDMI Port
> 1 x TF Card Slot
> 1 x Power Port
> Does anyone have experience with this (or similar hardware)?
> I am hoping to put Slackware native on this and move over some
> python programs (currently prototyped on an Atom processor)
> that I have written for classroom use ( audience response
> system, multiple choice testing, flashcards etc).  I am a Slacker
> since 1994 but ARM is new to me.  Naive questions:
> 1) any chance I can boot from CF card ?
> 2) if so, is a USB keyboard likely to autodetect?
> 3) would X be mulitouch or single?
> 4) is there a better/easier sub $100 device I should consider?
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