[ARMedslack] libflashplayer

Ottavio Caruso pr0f3ss0r1492 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 4 14:11:15 UTC 2012

On 4 July 2012 15:03, Davide <louigi600 at yahoo.it> wrote:
> Can chrome/chromium run on armedslack and not loose the flash support ?

I am not aware of Chrome/Chromium running on ARM at all.

The problem is in the hardware, not the software. Adobe will pay their
developers to develop on 'certified' architectures' only, that is the
chip manufacturer will have to pay money for it:


To ensure that  the Flash Player provides the best possible experience
for users, our partner program requires certification of each Flash
Player implementation.  Certification includes extensive testing to
ensure web content works as expected, and that the Flash Player
provides a good user experience. Certified devices typically include
the Flash Player pre-loaded at the factory or as part of a system



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