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stanley garvey stanley at stanleygarvey.com
Thu Dec 27 10:38:29 UTC 2012

On Dec 27, 2012 10:12 "Stuart Winter" <m-lists at biscuit.org.uk> wrote:

> > In the Linux world anything is possible. I just finished about an
> > hour
> > ago using the rsynch command to retrieve the Raspberry PI stuff from
> > your site Stanley (Garvey) and found it to be an interesting
> > process.
> > Incidentally the website mentions that the FTP site will accept
> > anonymous requests, it didn't.
> I couldn't determine whether you were talking about the Slackware ARM
> web
> site or Stanley's.
> All of the FTP sites listed here permit anonymous access.
> <http://www.armedslack.org/getslack/>
> There's a link on David's web site which references the old name
> 'armedslack' which has been removed a while ago - but you get a 'No
> such
> file or directory' error which indicates successful anonymous login,
> but a
> failure to find the directory. Is that what you were seeing?
> I've added Stanley and FatDog.eu's URLs to the INSTALL_RASPBERRYPI.TXT
> document for -current and 14.0 as they're also both great resources.
> > My only problem is that of cross compiling a kernel, especially
> > since
> > the host is running 13.37 and I'll probably be running 14.0 on the
> > R.PI device (target). I suspect I'll need to work on how to upgrade
> > the system and preserve my content.......
> It doesn't matter what version of gcc you build the kernel with
> really, as
> long as it's reasonably recent. You'd need a cross compiler anyway,
> which is independent from the host toolchain.
> Unless you want to modify something in the kernel, it's far easier to
> use
> one of the pre-compiled kernels.
> Hi Gregg, Hi Stuart,
> It's my site that does not do ftp, it's on my DMZ and I need to open
> some ports, but I have not had the time. rsync works nicely.
> I have used the RPI tools cross-complier but had unusual results
> (kernel panics) and I compile on the pi if I need to. you can update
> your kernel and the firmware with Hexxehs rpi-updater, it for debian
> but works with slackware.
> it does tend to crash on first run while performing self update.
> Delete the hidden directory .rpi-firmware from the directory you ran
> it from ie 'rm -r .rpi-firmware' and try again.
> get it via:
> rsync
> stanleygarvey.co.uk::SlackBerry/packages/rpi-update-2012.07.05-noarch-
> 1_sag.tgz .
> installpkg rpi-update-2012.07.05-noarch-1_sag.tgz
> as root :
> rpi-update
> Kind regards
> Stanley.
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