[ARMedslack] xlock problem

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Mon Sep 12 08:12:51 UTC 2011

>>  > This happens on my AC100 running armedslack 13.37 (updated a few days 

> ago).
>>  > Any idea how to fix this ?
>>  Not yet.  Are you running it locally or via VNC ?
> I can't replicate this on -current running X on the console (locally -
> video, kb, mouse).  xlock asks for a key, locks and then asks for
> the password to unlock.

Yea I know that's the way it should be and with root it works ... but with non privileged user the only password that is working is just hitting ENTER.
Any other text (including the correct password) does not work.

I'm suspecting I've an issue somewhere on my system as for root it's working fine.

> This works for a non-root user.
> Unfortunately my 13.37 machine is headless so I can't test.

What version were you trying to reproduce this on ?


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