[ARMedslack] Armedslack on the Efika i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz)

lee jones slothpuck at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 22:22:36 UTC 2011

Some more intresting news. This time I can report more success :) !

I was just poking about on the internet, when I turned up this;

Apparently crux linux can run on the smarttop (think very much like the
efika mx smartbook but with no screen and uses even less power!) and they
have a link there to a kernel and modules. Those are;


So far I've just very quickly tried the following. I replaced the kernel I
was using on the first SD partition with the one above in the link and
extracted/copied across the modules too. Then it was just a case of
modifying the boot.scr.in file to point to the new kernel and then running
(from the installed ubuntu install) script.prep boot.scr.in boot.scr and

This time with this kernel I was more succesful. I haven't tried much else
right now - but I can now login with login name root and password password.
Keyboard looks good too seems to be working fine. Even plugging in a plain
old fashioned boring usb memory stick and mounting it worked!

How much works (or dosen't work) after that though I don't know!

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