[ARMedslack] Armedslack on the Efika i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz)

Davide louigi600 at yahoo.it
Thu Sep 1 14:42:17 UTC 2011

I thaught the guy was using efika specifik cernel from some other source ... so that the just could be loaded manually. Mut maybe I undestuud wrong.

If you are compiling your own kernel for that hardware make sure you apply all the necessary patches that are not in the vanilla kernel upstream (good lunck on that as most of them could have problems applying to whatever version you choos to use instead of the version they were made for).


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> Da: Stuart Winter <m-lists at biscuit.org.uk>
> Oggetto: Re: [ARMedslack] Armedslack on the Efika i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz)
> A: "Slackware ARM port" <armedslack at lists.armedslack.org>
> Data: Giovedì 1 settembre 2011, 16:36
> > > Regarding the keyboard: have you checked whether
> all the necessary modules were loadad by
> /etc/rc.d/rc.modules ?
> > > some modules may not get autoloaded
> automatically.
> >
> > Does it not make more sense to mount armedslack in
> chroot and then
> > build kernel and modules form there?
> You don't need to do this - you can build a kernel with a
> cross compiler.
> It's far faster.
> I don't have a reference document for this -- the only
> cross environment
> I have is here:
> ftp://ftp.armedslack.org/armedslack/armedslack-devtools/x-toolchain/
> but this is just enough of a cross toolchain to enable
> distcc on my x86
> machines.
> Also, there's no reason why you couldn't build the kernel
> & modules
> on another compatible ARM Linux distribution first, then
> copy them
> into your ARMedslack filesystem.
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