[ARMedslack] U-Boot + UbiFS

Thorsten Mühlfelder thenktor at gmx.de
Fri Feb 18 08:34:47 UTC 2011

Am Wednesday 16 February 2011 16:37:47 schrieb Stuart Winter:
> > does anybody know if U_Boot already supports loading the kernel of a
> > UbiFS partition? I've built U-Boot 2010.09 for an Atmel board and I've
> > seen that there are some ubi sources included but the U-Boot binary does
> > not offer any ubi related commands.
> For u-boot it seems that there are a lot of other trees around with vendor
> specific stuff and other features people have needed, and that eventually
> these patches get back to the root.
> You'd need to ask on the u-boot mailing list.

OK, if it is for interest for anyone else. Here is the answer I got on the 
u-boot ML:

> This means you have not yet activated
> #define CONFIG_CMD_UBI
> in your configuration file (and CONFIG_YAFFS2 as well for yaffs).

And as far as I know the right file to add these includes is include/config.h 
in the u-boot sources.
I could build u-boot 2010.09 with YAFFS2 support (not yet tested), it failed 
to build with UBIFS support.


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