[ARMedslack] Trying armedslack-current

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Fri Oct 8 09:34:35 UTC 2010

Hi Claudio

> I admit I haven't read the whole discussion, but wouldn't it better to
> sponsor Seagate Dockstar a little bit more inside slackware for arm?
> What are the advantages of GuruPlug vs Dockstar?


"Dockstar is essentially a Sheevaplug with 128MB RAM, no real-time clock,
and an added 4-port usb hub (comparison)"

My personal opinion is that you might as well buy a SheevaPlug.
I really see no point in buying a device with such a limited amount of
RAM, has no real time clock *and* requires dismantling in order to work
with it.
It's cheap, but limited.

As far as I know, from reading this list, is that Slackware ARM works on
the dockstar already.  If someone wants to write some documentation that
I can put on the web site, then I'll happily put it there; but for the
very limited time I have to spend on Slackware, I'd rather spend it on
more beefy devices.

When developing Slackware ARM, this is how I determine where to spend my
The thing with ARM devices is that they're geared for a specific
job, and it doesn't mean they're worth while putting a full OS such as
Slackware on it.  If you have a device such as the Sheeva or OpenRD, then
they're suplied in order to be a general purpose device -so they have more
onboard hardware, graphics, video, more RAM, eSATA and so on.

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