[ARMedslack] Booting Slack 13.1 from eSata on Guruplug ServerPlus

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Sun Nov 28 19:18:54 UTC 2010

Yeah, I've tried that uboot (in my OP), but still no joy. It comes up with bad block device. This makes me think it doesn't see the esata.

Before, using that uboot to my usb drive, results in the hang at uncompressing linux which Ron is experiencing.

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> I never actually got round to building it in the end, but looking at the
> latest u-boot git repo, it looks like the GuruPlug should have ext2 and
> SATA enabled by default.


I've just looked at this:
and downloaded the binaries.  Running strings over u-boot.bin (from the
tar archive) shows it has ext2load: perhaps you want to try using this
u-boot binary for convenience?

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