[ARMedslack] How to compile the whole Slackware ARM?

Carlo Caione carlo.caione at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 10:41:57 UTC 2010

On 18/11/2010 11:05, Thorsten Mühlfelder wrote:
> Am Thursday 18 November 2010 10:51:47 schrieb Carlo Caione:
>> Ok, I hijack the discussion.
>> As I explained before in my previous email the idea is to recompile
>> armedslack with the right optimization for beaglebord (armv7 + neon +
>> cortex-a8 optimization)
> How much speed improvement can be gained by this, e.g. at Vorbis/Flac encoding
> or at compiling?

Good point. I'm not sure, but I think that support for NEON could ensure 
a good speed up.

Here some pointers (not mine), about performance for different compilers 
(but same parameters):


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