[ARMedslack] UBI support is [partially] broken in Slackware/ARM 13.1 on SheevaPlug

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Wed Jul 14 12:44:58 UTC 2010

> an installable .jffs2 file is need to ease the install onto the openmoko
> freerunner

Such an image would require customisation though, as the miniroot fs
does, wouldn't it?

So what benefit would there be in providing a jffs2 file?
Surely it'd be better to provide the mini rootfs; the users follow the
instructions and then create a jffs2 file from the result.

I forgot that to write to NAND you need a jffs2 image -- I cannot
see the installer being modified to do this; quite frankly I have
no idea how you could go about doing it automatically - I think there'd
be too many variables to consider.

However, instructions about making a jffs2 image from the mini rootfs
image are welcomed, if applicable.

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