[ARMedslack] Newbie Question

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Tue Nov 24 18:44:16 UTC 2009

Hi Tibor

> Thanks for adding me to mailing list. I have an Acer N30 PDA
> (http://www.arm.com/markets/mobile_solutions/armpp/5571.html), and i
> would like to install ARMedslack on it. Is it possible at all? If so
> could you give me any link to a documentation or howto about that?

I ought to write an FAQ for this question :-)

There's kernel support for the Acer N30 PDA and the URL
I found is here:

However, what do you want to do with the PDA once you get Linux onto it?

You could get Slackware ARM on to it but it'd require some effort on your
 - compiling a kernel with the support for that device
   (there is kernel support in 2.6.32, and probaly earlier)
 - getting the boot loader configured and working so that it boots
 - figuring out how to install Slackware onto its storage.

My opinion is that:
 Slackware is good for servers, desktops and devices that have adequate
 storage and RAM, since it's a general purpose distribution.

I don't think that Slackware is good for PDAs because PDAs usually have:
 - small RAM
 - small storage
 - slow CPUs

The Acer N30 has a slow CPU but it could still run Slackware ARM, but I'd
question how you would interface with it given that most likely need
adjustments or additions to X in order to use those buttons.
My concern is that you turn what is a useful gadget into something that
really isn't useful at all! ;-)

But as I said, it depends what you want to achieve and how much time
you want to put in.

Stuart Winter
Slackware ARM: www.armedslack.org

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