[ARMedslack] Freerunner

Szob szob at gazeta.pl
Sun Nov 8 08:32:41 UTC 2009


>The Slackware ARM packages user land packages, in the main, will be fine
>on the system - although perhaps may require some additional tweaking. 

>I think the majority of work would be the installation and resolving all
>of the requirements and parameters required to boot the system. 

>I have had a brief look through:

>If somebody is interested in making an out of box experience, including
>installation documentation, then let me know. 

Well, I would love to have my Slackware on the FreeRunner.

The question is time. I simply lack it at the moment. But I would love to have 
my Slack on the FreeRunner and I will experiment with it as the time allows.

I also read the Debian wike page mentioned above and if Debian can run on 
FreeRunner, so can Slackware.

I also looked into the installation of armedslack on the emulator and I agree 
the issue is mostly around booting into the installer. Once you're booted on 
the FreeRunner the installation should most likely go OK.

Later the GSM stack from FSO can be installed from the source and the same 
packages can be used as Debian uses compiled from the source.

My goal now is to have a dual boot with OM2009 and Armedslack from the microSD 
(if possible). This way if I want to use the FreeRunner as a phone, I can 
boot OM2009 and if I need to have a mobile Slackware terminal and light 
windows manager, I would boot into the Armedslack.

Does it make sense?

I still struggle with purchasing FreeRunner GTA02 V7 (with the buzz fix). Most 
distributors still offer V6. It seems I will have to purchase it abroad.


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