[armedslack] EABI

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Fri Jul 10 12:51:01 UTC 2009

> What a mess.  I am not sure the thumb interworking is worth the hassle.
> But the 5 or 6 different floating points all determined at compile time
> -- oi what a mess.

I've got a working set of packages and have booted into the new EABI OS
and am now rebuilding natively what I have so far.
Having already fixed some build failures, I can see that if I was to try
and avoid suffixing the target name with "gnueabi" that I'd have a lot of
patching to do since the presence of "eabi" in the target name is
what many configure scripts use to determine whether to build
for EABI.

I'm very curious to know whether with the kernel for your arm device (btw
what is it again? a dev board ?) would work with the new ARMedslack EABI
packages.  I can make what I have available soon for you to try.

> I downloaded the existing 12.2 tree.  I can't get it to build.  Lots of
> scripts that know where you build ($HOME, etc).  I have not built very
> much slackware from source and crossdev seems even trickier.

Heh yeah the ARMedslack build system needs a little configuration although
not a lot.
If you want to use armedslack's build scripts, read this:

the Slackware source tree it refers to is simply an rsync
of a Slackware mirror.

rsync -Pavv ftp.slackware.org.uk::slackware/slackware-12.2 .

Note however, that some of ARMedslack 12.2's packages are taken
from slackware-current (to be 13.0) - so I maintain an updated
slackware-12.2 tree locally.  There aren't many of these packages
though so it's not a big deal.  What *is* a big deal is copying all
of the sources and patches around whenever a package is updated
in Slackware, so until ARMedslack's build scripts are merged into
Slackware, it's a lot easier to build against a tree :-)

> Whining aside, I would be glad to be build armv6 if you can get the
> build scripts to work EABI-style.

Once I've got a working base (probably 1-2 weeks from now), I'll upload
what I've got.  It'll only be a very minimal set of packages whilst
I work my way through updating the AS-12.2 tree (I'll add in the new
packages from Slackware 13.0 later).  I don't maintain a changelog for
the initial work since it takes a lot of package rebuilds to finish
the bootstrap stage, but once that's done I can upload the -current
in its raw form for you to look at if you're keen.

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