[armedslack] EABI

David F. Carlson dave at chronolytics.com
Mon Jul 6 16:38:42 UTC 2009

According to Stuart Winter:
> Slackware ARM is built for the lowest denominator on the market
> which is "armv4".  I did consider using armv5 but there are so many
> devices which would be excluded, that I decided to set the base at armv4.
> The Kernels are always optomised for the specific device, and my
> thoughts are that if someone wants to, they can rebuild some of the
> userspace stuff using -march=armv5 pretty easily.


The hassle with this (if I am correct) is that the EABI supports FPE and VFP -- but at compile time only.

The glibc either builds the setjmp, fp_context.h, etc. to work with "old" float or new float.  "The" EABI is really 2 ABIs.

So, the armv4 EABI precludes running on armv6 (and would thus not be terribly useful (to me!).

What the handheld.org folks do is build 3 Ubuntu variants:


That is a lot of work though...

Are there any other vfp people on the list that will be "lost" if the armedslack is fpe only?

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