[armedslack] Armedslack on NSLU2

Stuart Winter m-lists at biscuit.org.uk
Wed Sep 10 11:24:16 UTC 2008

Hi Thierry

> does anyone has already run Armedslack on the NSLU2?

I didn't hear from anyone who is, AFAIK..

> I got problems with debian (latest is a kernel panic on sustained disk
> load) so I want to install Slackware, the distribution I am used to
> install and configure for years.
> I am planning to do so, by doing an installer image using the APEX
> bootloader, in the debian way.

I was looking at how Fedora ARM installs -- they haven't ported
the installer as I have for ARMedslack, and Debian has -- they're
using a separate tool to do the installation, since most ARM devices
are headless.
I did something similar for ARMedslack before I ported the installer
and the script still exists in the 'slackware' directory, but
it relies upon pkgtools being installed, so lends itself for use
on a Slackware x86 box.

To really do such a headless installation would require writing a
sort of 'kickstart' (as Red Hat has) tool, or patching the Slackware
install scripts.  Myself and one of the Slackware devs have had such
an idea for ages now, but neither of us has time to do much with it.

Anyway, let me know when you get it working on the NSLU2!

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