[armedslack] ARMedslack on DNS-323

Tobias Poschwatta tp at fonz.de
Sun Oct 19 15:58:20 UTC 2008


just want to let you know that ARMedslack can be run on a DNS-323.

My notes are available in the DNS-323 wiki at:

It's not a 'native install', i.e. I didn't touch firmware or
bootloader. Nor is it a chroot install.

On the DNS-323, we have a kexec-like kernel module that allows to load
and start a new kernel. In the instructions, I'm using this to boot a kernel and an initramfs to do the installation. 

I'm also installing ARMedslack to a subdirectory of a partition. A
problem with the DNS-323 firmware is that you must not change a
partition's root directory to any mode other than 0777 - or it will
chmod a+w _all_ files on that partition. Having ARMedslack in a
subdirectory is a work-around for this.

Another initramfs, also used with the kernel loader, will search
partitions for linux/sbin/init, and, if found, chroot and exec

So far, ARMedslack seems to work well, but pretty slow. I think it's
because of the floating-point emulation.



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