[armedslack] loadlin woes

Niel Drummond niel.drummond at grumpytoad.org
Tue Aug 5 17:28:10 UTC 2008

Stuart Winter wrote:
>> Everything seems to work as described, except the critical loadlin bootup step
>> :-|
> Tbh what I'd do is ask Peter Naulls directly.
> The version of Linloader I included with armedslack-11.0 was
> a slightly different version that worked for machines than had
> 1GB of RAM (although Linux only found 512).  That *may* be
> the problem.  I do not think that Peter was or is much of
> an upstream pusher, so his changes probably remained on his hard disk.

I have an answer from John Ballance @ castle - he says the 5200 graphics 
card shipped with the newer iyonix machines is the problem (they used to 
ship them with a geforce 2 card). That would explain the blank screen. 
Thanks for the tip though, I will email Peter Naulls. I had thought he 
might be a bit fed up with giving support, since many links on his site 
have been taken down.

kind regards,

- Niel
>> any help is much appreciated.. I'm going to try hunting down Timothy Baldwin's
>> email address, as he may be able to interpret the above
> Tim is the author of the GRUB port to ARM which superceded
> Linloader.  Last time I conversed with Tim (2 years ago) he did
> not have a Iyonix.  Things may have changed though!

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