[armedslack] RISC OS ISOs coming soon! :-)

Stuart Winter mozes at slackware.com
Sat Sep 8 13:32:54 UTC 2007


I've just got !SlackBt booting directly off the CDROM
in RISC OS, using mkisofs patched with RISC OS filetype

I'll upload them in the next few weeks once I've finalised
the structure and tested them & convinced Zen to increase the
disk space on ftp.armedslack.org ;-)

The main sticking point is the hard drive formatting.
I know Peter Naulls wrote some good docs for this, but I'm
wondering whether people will really want to repartition
their hard disk -- especially if they only have one.
And if you Do only have one, and will be installing using the
CDs -- you're out of choices if you only have the motherboard IDE
without IDE or SCSI expansion cards (and perhaps even
with SCSI expansion cards since the Linux Kernel support
for the cards isn't in good shape - PowerTec for example kernel
panics the moment it detects the hardware).

Hmmm. I suppose we could document a number of possibile
installation options.
*scratches head*

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