[armedslack] Re: crossbuilding and armedslack

Stuart Winter mozes at slackware.com
Tue May 15 10:19:14 UTC 2007

Hi Bryce

I've CC'd the armedslack mailing list - I like to share information
with more than 1 person where I can.  You can join the list too - the
info's on the web site.

> Thanks for ARMedslack.  Here's how I'm using it at the moment:

Cool - I like to hear from people who are using it :-)

> I wanted to see if you had any pointers for cross-compiling.  Do you use
> the scratchbox toolchain?

No I have not used scratchbox for many years - I only used it to initially
get the project off the ground and build the initial packages.
I stopped using it for a number of reasons - mostly because at the time
I could not choose my own compiler, and the SB compiler was compiling
(by default) for an architecture higher than armv3, and I also needed
to change versions of gcc to keep up with Slackware.

What I do now is build on a QEMU host using bridged networking
and use distcc to build on a number of x86 hosts.

This is my script to make a cross toolchain on an x86 host.  It
just makes what you need to be able to use distcc -- so it's not
a full toolchain:

If you put all of your armedslack-current tree onto your x86 host
you should be able to run the script in there.

I have some other bits I then use -- but they're a bit embarassing
but it all works :-)  I'll send you the script I use to wrap
the arm/build scripts you find in the armedslack tree if you want.
Hmm actually I might put all this stuff into the armedslack-devel
directory on the ftp site, since I'm getting a few questions
about how I build stuff.

> There are a few packages I will be using that I'd be glad to help
> maintain: MySQL, freetype, DirectFB (though I don't think DirectFB is in
> slackware yet . . .).  Let me know if this would be helpful.

I tend to just diff Pat's scripts against mine and merge in changes.
I always do the building of packages, and would love to see people testing
the packages & giving feedback with build script fixes and patches and
put out new .tgzs

> I can also verify ARMedslack 11.0 works on the cirrus ebd9307A board
> (using the Cirrus provided kernel patch against

Cool.  I had somebody else who was going to send me some stuff for
another board so I could get the installer running on it.

I had a bit of a 'shock' the other day when I was reading an ARM
embedded mailing list, and discovered that glibc2.7 isn't maintaining
support for the ABI ARMedslack's using -- it's favouring only the
new ABI.  Nooooooooooooooo! :-)

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